ActionSheetANE is a native extension that allows the use of UIActionSheet on iOS. A UIActionSheet presents the user with a set of alternatives for how to proceed with a given task. It’s possible to use action sheets to prompt the user to confirm a potentially dangerous action.

The extensions can create an action sheet containing a title and one or more buttons, each of which corresponds to an action to take. The developer can monitor which button was clicked using events.


import net.nodera.ane.ActionSheetANE;
import net.nodera.ane.event.ActionSheetEvent;

actionBtn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, function(e:MouseEvent):void {
    var actionSheet:ActionSheetANE = new ActionSheetANE();
    actionSheet.addEventListener(ActionSheetEvent.CLICK_BUTTON, onActionSheetClick);
    actionSheet.addEventListener(ActionSheetEvent.CLICK_CANCEL, onActionSheetCancel);
    actionSheet.addEventListener(ActionSheetEvent.CLICK_DESTRUCTIVE, onActionSheetDestructive);"title","CANCEL", "","button1, button2, button3");


function onActionSheetCancel(e:ActionSheetEvent):void {
    info.text = "CANCELED:" + e.index.toString();

function onActionSheetClick(e:ActionSheetEvent):void {
    info.text = "CLCIKED:" + e.index.toString();

function onActionSheetDestructive(e:ActionSheetEvent):void {
    info.text = "DESTRUCTIVED:" + e.index.toString();
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