ANE-Flurry-Analytics is a native extension for Flurry analytics on the iOS and Android platforms. Flurry allows applications to measure audience reach, engagement, retention, conversions, revenue and more, all free of charge. The extension provides the application with the ability to track user actions during the usage session.

It’s possible to start and end a session, log a single event (or an event with parameters), a timed action or an error and much more. All the features of the Flurry api have been implemented.


public function game() :void {
  Flurry.logEvent("some event");
  Flurry.logEvent("another event", {
    size : Capabilities.screenResolutionX + " x " + Capabilities.screenResolutionY,
    dpi : Capabilities.screenDPI
  Flurry.logError(errorId, errorName);
  Flurry.startTimedEvent("player did something");
  Flurry.endTimedEvent( "player did something");
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