ANE-Google-Play-Game-Services is a native extension to use Google Play Game services. It provides a set of methods to allow players to use a Google+ account to sign in, which provides the application with the ability to read the player info, such as name and achievements.

The extension has methods to sign in/out, report the completion percentage of an achievement (based on its id) and report a new score (based on the leaderboard id). It’s also possible to show the player’s standard achievements, as well as monitor the authentication process by using events.


public function startAtLaunch():void;
public function signIn():void;
public function signOut():void;
public function reportAchievement(achievementId:String, percent:Number = 0):void;
public function reportScore(leaderboardId:String, newScore:Number):void;
public function showStandardAchievements():void;
public function getActivePlayerName():String;
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