ANE-In-App-Purchase is a native extension for In-App Purchase integration on the iOS platform. The extension allows the application to check if in-app purchase payments are possible or have been disabled on the device, fetch product information, purchase a product, restore past non-consumable purchases and get all transactions in the transactions queue.

Transactions remain in the transaction queue until they are marked as finished. After handling a successful or failed purchase or restored transaction, the developer should remove it from the transaction queue by calling a method to finish the transaction.


if(InAppPurchase.isSupported && InAppPurchase.canMakePayments) {
  // Dispatches InAppPurchase.productInformationReceived and InAppPurchase.productInformationFailed
  // Dispatches InAppPurchase.transactionPurchased and InAppPurchase.transactionFailed 
  InAppPurchase.purchaseProduct("productId", quantity);
  // Dispatches InAppPurchase.transactionRestored with an IAPTransaction for each restored transaction.
  // Get all transactions in the transactions queue, via array of IAPTransaction objects.
  var trans :Array = InAppPurchase.getCurrentTransactions();
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