ANE-Push-Notification is a native extension for sending push notifications. It works on iOS and Android and allows the application to receive pushes (messages) from a server. On iOS devices, the extension uses Apple Push Notification Services and on Android devices it uses Google Cloud Messaging (GCM).

In order to register the device for a push notifications, the application must call a single method. On Android that requires the project’s ID on GCM, on iOS no extra information is required. After the method call the user will be prompted to allow the pushes.


public function get isPushNotificationSupported():Boolean;
public static function getInstance() : PushNotification;
public function registerForPushNotification(projectId:String = null) : void;
public function setBadgeNumberValue(value:int):void;
public function sendLocalNotification(message:String, timestamp:int, title:String, recurrenceType:int = RECURRENCE_NONE):void;
public function setIsAppInForeground(value:Boolean):void;
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