Application Rater is a native extension to ask the user to rate the applications by displaying a native feedback dialog. According to the platform the application is running on, the extension asks the user to rate the application in the proper application store. When the user agrees to rate the application they are taken to the applications page in the store.

Among its features it’s a native interface to ask a user to rate the application, which enhances the user’s trust on the action. The extension also has a range of conditions to automatically display the dialog, including customisable labels and condition. It’s also possible to use a reminder code to ask the user to rate at a later point if the user clicked the “remind me later” option.


ApplicationRater.init( DEV_KEY );
ApplicationRater.service.setApplicationId( "", ApplicationRater.IMPLEMENTATION_ANDROID );
ApplicationRater.service.setApplicationId( "552872162", ApplicationRater.IMPLEMENTATION_IOS );

ApplicationRater.service.setDialogTitle("Rate the app!"):void
ApplicationRater.service.setDialogMessage("Please rate the app.");
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