Camera Roll Extended is a native extension that provides a dialog where the user can select multiple assets from the device. Additionally it’s possible to use this extension to load the selected images from the device and use the loaded BitmapData objects the your application. It extends the functionality of the AIR built-in CameraRoll.

The API also provides a way to customize the appearance of the extension by changing the overlay for a selected image. A developer can also load the thumbnail or full resolution versions of images or auto load the images after user selection.


CameraRollExtended.init( DEV_KEY );
CameraRollExtended.service.addEventListener( CameraRollExtendedEvent.LOADED, cameraRoll_loadedHandler, false, 0, true );
var options:CameraRollExtendedBrowseOptions = new CameraRollExtendedBrowseOptions();
options.maximumCount = 2;
options.type = Asset.IMAGE;
options.autoLoadBitmapData = true;
options.autoLoadType = AssetRepresentation.THUMBNAIL;
CameraRollExtended.service.browseForImage( options );
private function cameraRoll_loadedHandler( event:CameraRollExtendedEvent ):void {
    // The selected images have been loaded
    for each (var asset:Asset in event.assets) {
        if (asset.bitmapData != null) {
            addChild( new Bitmap( asset.bitmapData ));
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