Face Detection is a native extension to use iOS Core Image framework. It can be used to easily detect faces in images or live video in real-time from the camera. Using the extension, you can change the perspective of a game when the user moves left and right, for instance.

The high-level API is extremely easy to use, but if you need more advanced functionalities, you can use the low-level API, which comes with 30+ classes and 240+ methods. The extension does not include the image filters in the Core Image framework, but it has an extensive list of features:

  • High accuracy face detection in images
  • Fast face detection in live video in real-time from a camera
  • Convenience utilities to easily read images from CameraUI and CameraRoll and auto-rotates according to orientation in image EXIF data
  • Camera preview video sprite that auto-rotates according to the orientation of the device; fixes the problem that AIR captures only in landscape mode on mobile devices


var supported:Boolean = CoreImage.isSupported;
var coreimage:CoreImage = new CoreImage();
// use high accuracy and don't track faces
faceDetector = new FaceDetector(true, false);
// Detect faces in a BitmapData object
// Each Face object in the Vector contains the face location and size, mouth and eyes locations.
var faces:Vector. = faceDetector.detectInImage(bitmapData);

// Face Detection in Live Video
// use front camera, full screen size, and 24 fps
previewVideo = new CameraPreviewVideo(true, -1, -1, 24);
faceDetector = new FaceDetector(false, false);
faceDetector.addEventListener(FaceDetector.FACES_DETECTED_EVENT, function(e:FacesDetectedEvent):void {
    trace(e.faces); // a vector of faces
faceDetector.addEventListener(FaceDetector.FACES_NOT_DETECTED_EVENT, function(e:Event):void {
    trace("no detection");
// start detection doing 12 detections per sec
faceDetector.startDetection(previewVideo, 12);
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