GameCenter iOS allows you to use the social gaming features via GameCenter. Quickly and easily integrate Leaderboards, Achievements, and User Authentication into your application.

List of features:

  • Submit scores and achievements to Game Center via ActionScript 3
  • Show the native iOS Leaderboards and Achievements panels in your Flash game
  • Log users into Game Center and retrieve their name, ID, and other details
  • Easy to use – just a few lines of code and you’re done!
  • Complete sample application, as3 docs, and getting started guide included
  • Step by Step illustrated tutorial shows you how to register your Game Center game on the Apple Developer Portal
  • Supports all iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices running iOS 4.1 or greater. Easily check if the device supports Game Center with one function call
  • Supports the iOS Game Center Sandbox system for easy and robust testing
  • 1 year of free email support and updates


public function GameCenter(logCallback:Function = null)
public function authenticateLocalUser():void
public function create():GameCenter
public function dispose():void
public function getPlayerAlias():String
public function getPlayerID():String
public function isGameCenterAvailable():Boolean
public function isPlayerUnderage():Boolean
public function isSupported():Boolean
public function isUserAuthenticated():Boolean
public function reportAchievement(achievementId:String, completion:Number):void
public function reportScoreForCategory(score:int, category:String):void
public function resetAchievements():void
public function showAchievements():void
public function showLeaderboardForCategory(category:String):void
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