iBeacon ANE is a native extension to use iBeacon on Android devices. It can be used to monitor iBeacon signals and setup a device to act as a virtual iBeacon. Based on Estimote SDK, it’s able to check the state of the device’s bluetooth (powered on, off or unsupported) and start/stop the monitoring of iBeacons (it scans for all major and minor values). When a device is found, it triggers a local notification.


import com.compass.ibeacon.DeviceController;

private var _ibeaconAND:DeviceController = DeviceController.instance;
private const _ibeaconUDIDs:Array = ["B9407F30-F5F8-466E-AFF9-25556B57FE6D"];

//add listener
_ibeaconAND.addEventListener(iBeaconEvent.IBEACON_FOUND, ibeaconANDHandler);

private function ibeaconANDHandler(e:iBeaconEvent):void{
    var iBeaconList:Array = e.ibeacons;
    for(var i:uint=0;i<iBeaconList.length;i++){
      trace('Name: ' + $list[i].name + '\n');
      trace('UUID: ' + $list[i].uuid + '\n');
      trace('Range: ' + $list[i].range + '\n');
      trace('RSSI: ' + $list[i].rssi + ' dB' + '\n');
      trace('Major: ' + $list[i].major + '\n');
      trace'Minor: ' + $list[i].minor + '\n');
      trace('Accuracy: ' + $list[i].accuracy + '\n');
    trace(“ibeacon no found”);
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