Instagram-ANE is a native extension to share images on Instagram. The extension works on Android and iOS under the same API and is able to open the Instagram sharing flow to allow user to upload photos to the service. A developer is able to inform three parameters to the extension when triggering the sharing dialog: a BitmapData (the picture to be shared), the image caption and the compression method. By default, the compression is set to JPEGEncoderOptions.

The extension is able to fire events to inform what is happening. It’s possible to monitor if the sharing was performed successfully, for instance.


var instagram:Instagram = new Instagram();
instagram.addEventListener(InstagramEvent.OK, _instagramEvt);

if (instagram.isInstalled()) {
	instagram.share(new DaVikingCodeLogo().bitmapData, "my caption test");

private function _instagramEvt(iEvt:InstagramEvent):void {
	if (iEvt.type == InstagramEvent.OK) {
		trace("shared on instagram");
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