NativeAlert is an extension for Adobe Air that enables the use of mobile native dialog box (IOS Andoid) – Toast message, Text Input dialog, Progress dialog, Alert dialog, multi single choice dialog and System Preferences.

Some of its features:

  • NativeAlert (IOS/Android/Windows):dDisplays a native alert dialog;
  • NativeProgress (Android / IOS): display the native dialog showing a progress bar or a spinner.
  • NativeListDialog(Android / IOS): show a native popup dialog with a multi-choice or single-choice;
  • Text input Dialog (Android /IOS): show a dialog with defined by user input text fields;
  • Toast (Android / IOS);
  • System Properties (Android / IOS): provides some of the missing properties that you can’t get in adobe air, such as UID and AppUid


// NativeAlerts
NativeAlert.defaultTheme = NativeAlert.ANDROID_DEVICE_DEFAULT_DARK_THEME;// not necessary
if(NativeAlert.isSuported) "some message" , "title" , "first button label" , "otherButtons,LabelsSeperated,WithAComma" , someAnswerFunction);

NativeAlert.dispose(); //only when exiting app
private function someAnswerFunction(event:NativeDialogEvent):void{
    //event.preventDefault(); // default behavior is to remove listener for function "someAnswerFunction()"

//Toast"some message",Toast.LENGTH_LONG);
var randX:int = Math.random()*600;
var randY:int = Math.random()*600;
Toast.showWithDifferentGravit("some message",Toast.LENGTH_SHORT,Toast.GRAVITY_LEFT,randX,randY);
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