NativeAndroidLogger is native extension that allows applications to send AIR logs to Android LoCat. While developing Android apps, a developer often needs to inspect the logs to find a problem or a bug. The Android LoCat tool is a great solution for that problem, but AIR apps commonly use the trace command to produce logs, which are not displayed in the LoCat flow.

This extension makes the application trace messages able to be viewed by LoCat. It’s also possible to send trace logs with the log levels (debug, error, info etc.) and with tags. As a side effect, the extension helps the application to be compliant with other debug solutions, such as the  TestFairy testing platform logs.


var bool:Boolean = NativeLoggerANE.getInstance().isSupported();
NativeLoggerANE.getInstance().init(debugModeEnable:Boolean = false, tag:String = "AIR");
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