PDF Reader is a native extension to display a PDF reader that allows users to read and browse PDF contents. Using a singleton, a developer can display the PDF reader at any time by calling the showPDF() method. It receives two parameters, one is the PDF file path and the other is a password that will be used to read the file. If the PDF is not password-protected, the second parameter can be an empty string.

While reading the PDF file, the user can click an email button, which will open en email dialog. The extension allows a developer to specify the subject and content of that e-mail before the user opens it. The viewer used by the extension is built on top of  VFR Reader, a library to visualize PDF files.


// Initialise the extension

// Show a PDF
var path:String = File.applicationDirectory.nativePath + File.separator + "Reader.pdf";
Air Native Extension, iOS . URL.