QR Reader is a native extension that allows an application to read QR code on iOS. The API is wrapped around the ZBar iPhone library. The developer can interact with the reading process using events.


package  {
	import com.rancondev.extensions.qrzbar.QRZBar;
	import com.rancondev.extensions.qrzbar.QRZBarEvent;

	import flash.display.MovieClip;
	import flash.events.*;

	public class Example extends MovieClip {

		private var qr:QRZBar;

		public function Example()

		protected function test(event:MouseEvent):void
			trace("button clicked");
			qr = new QRZBar();
			qr.addEventListener( QRZBarEvent.SCANNED, scannedHandler );

		protected function scannedHandler( event : QRZBarEvent ) : void
			qr.removeEventListener( QRZBarEvent.SCANNED, scannedHandler );
			chosenlabel.text = event.result;

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