Share is a native extension that allows application to share data using whatever sharing apps are available on the user’s device. It’s possible to use general sharing methods such as shareMessage() or shareFile() that automatically searches for the available sharing apps installed on user’s device.  The result is displayed to the user in a dialog box.

If the application requires a more specific sharing method, there are plenty of pre-defined methods available to be invoked, allowing the application to share data via email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Browser, SMS and MMS.


_ex = new Share();

_ex.addEventListener(ShareEvent.RETURNED_TO_APP, onReturn);
_ex.addEventListener(ShareEvent.ERROR, onError); 

var userAccountArr:Array = _ex.emailAccounts; 
var sharingAppsArr:Array = _ex.supportedSharingApps; 



_ex.shareMessage("Dialog Title", "Message Title", "Message body");
_ex.shareFile("Dialog Title", ["exShareBtn_assets/party.mp4", "exShareBtn_assets/myappsnippet.jpg"]);

// ... and more and specific ways to share files or message:
// shareViaGmail, shareViaFacebook, shareViaTwitter,
// shareViaGooglePlus, shareViaYoutube, shareViaBrowser,
// shareViaMMS, shareViaSMS
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