SMS is a native extension to use and manipulate SMS in Android devices. It has a huge set of features, including the ability to send SMS to another number,  get SMS information as id, address ( phoneNumber), body ( smsText ), type and date, as well as ways of updating SMS messages.

Using this extension, it’s possible to make SMS conversations, get an SMS information by unique ID, delete a SMS by unique ID, delete a conversation and its content by giving its unique number. Finally it can send & receive SMS information using some properties.


// initialize the extension
var _ex:SMS = new SMS();

// Call this method to get sms information 
_ex.addEventListener(SMSEvent.ALL_SMS, allSms); // When the sms information is ready we get them

private function allSms(e:SMSEvent):void {
    var  _smsArray:Array = e.param;

// Call this method to make conversation 
var _conversationArray:Array = _ex.conversation(8);

// if you need only one SMS information you can use this method
var obj:Object = _ex.getDataById(1914);

// Call this method to send sms
var send:Boolean = _ex.sendSms("09999999999", "++++Hi SMS test", "15");

// Call this method to update sms information
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