UIActivityANE is a native extension to use the UIActivity functionality on iOS. The UIActivity allows application-specific services which take data, does something it, and returns the results. A social media service might take whatever text, images, or other content is provided to it and post them to the user’s account, for instance.

The extension allows the application to send a bundle made of a text, a url and an image. When the send method is invoked, the native iOS activity services panel is shown, so the user can choose the proper action.


import net.nodera.ane.UIActivityANE;

var bmd:BitmapData = new BitmapData(800, 600);

var activity:UIActivityANE = new UIActivityANE();
if(activity.isSupported) {
    activity.send("message", "http://example.com/", bmd);
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