UIWebView is a native extension that allows HTML to talk with your app. It allows you to call JS function from as3 or vice-versa, modify the DOM elements once the HTML is loaded, and even catch URI scheme in the page so you can do actions for mailto, skype, ftp and more. You are also allowed to create multiple instances of UIWebView and get it added on stage without any glitches.

The package also comes with a VideoPlayer class where you can embed and load videos that plays in native iOS video player. You can make the video full screen, auto play it, show/hide video UI controls, and even communicate and get video events from the video player itself.


public function callJsFunc(funcName:String, paramJSON:Object = null):Object
public function captureScreenShotAsBitmapData(currentVisibleView:Boolean = false, asJpeg:Boolean = false, compressionLevel:Number = 1.0):BitmapData
public function captureScreenShotAsByteArray(currentVisibleView:Boolean = false, asJpeg:Boolean = false, compressionLevel:Number = 1.0):ByteArray 
public function dispose():void
public function disposeAll():void
public function evalJs(jsStatement:String):String
public function getContentSize():Array
public function historyBack():void
public function historyForward():void
public function loadAppBundleAsset(path:String):void
public function loadDocumentAsset(path:String):void
public function loadString(text:String, basePath:String = appBundle, mimeType:String = text/html, encoding:String = utf-8):void
public function loadURL(url:String):void
public function reload():void
public function stop():void
public function triggerOrientationLandscapeLeft():void
public function triggerOrientationLandscapeRight():void
public function triggerOrientationPortrait():void
public function triggerOrientationPortraitUpsideDown():void
public function unload():void
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