Armor Icon Pack (

This is the Armor Icons pack created by Clint Bellanger (, Blarumyrran, crowline ( and Justin Nichol.

The pack has a solid base set of armor icons divided into five equipment slots: head, chest, hands (up to elbow),  legs and Feet (up to knee). They come in five flavors: clothes, robes, leather,  chainmail and plate. There is also some weapons. Each icon is 64×64 pixels.

The following assets were used in this tile set: Armor icons by Equipment Slot and OSARE Weapon icons.


This  pack is licensed as Public Domain.

Art attributions

If you use this pack, you are not required to provide any attribution, but it would be a good (and respectful) idea. If you decide to credit the authors, please include the following attribution in a visible location along with any other credits:

"Armor Icons" art by:
Clint Bellanger (
crowline (
Justin Nichol

When possible link to page that presents the original art collection. For this asset pack, it would be “Armor Icons by Equipment Slots” and “OSARE weapon icons“, both from

About the artist

Clint BellangerClint Bellanger
I am a software developer at the Auburn University Libraries in Auburn, Alabama. I am a graduate of Louisiana Tech University in CS. 3D skills: Low-poly mesh modeling, rigging, UV mapping, animation.

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