Circle Texture by Daniel Cook (

This is the Circle Texture pack (original source) composed of 250 handdrawn textures. It was created by Daniel Cook, from  All files are 128 x 128 images using a common fixed 8-bit palette.


This  pack is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. The author also has a license page that explains its use a little bit further.

Art attributions

If you use this pack, please include the following attribution in a visible location along with any other credits:

"Circle Texture" art by Daniel Cook (

When possible link to blog post that discusses the original art collection. For this asset pack, it would be “Circle Texture” art by Daniel Cook (

About the artist

Daniel Cook
I’ve been a game designer, pixel artist, toolmaker, physicist and MBA. My first job in college was on a game called Tyrian at a tiny company called Epic Megagames. These days, I’m the Chief Creative Officer at Spry Fox.

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