Just like me several Flash game developers have joined OneGameAMonth. This is a series of posts to show the games created by those Flash gamedevs. If you are not participating in 1GAM yet, join now for some real fun!

Check below some games developed for January.


memaudioThe mechanic is simple but challenging: you must repeat a series of tones by clicking the correct control buttons.

The game starts with a single tone, which is pretty easy. After you input the correct sequence, another tone is added. You play until your brain runs out of memory :). After 6 notes things got really hard for me.

This fun little puzzle will certainly keep you entertained. It was developed using AIR and is available for free on Google Play.

About the author:

Daniel Albu: Flash Platform Developer, owner of Albu Interactive. Specializing in creating Flash / HTML5 / Android games & apps.


The Villains’ Empire

the_villains_empireHave you ever wanted to be the bad guy? Now you can! As the game introduction says “You are mean and powerful”.

For this game you control a fleet of evil ships that must destroy the good guys. You can fire just a single ship at the same time, but you can choose which one.

This is not a usual shoot ’em up because you must pay attention to the targets and your ships. You must quickly decide and fire the proper ship of you fleet.

Play it for free here.

About the author:

Nicolas Vallai: AS3 game development and music.


Stay tuned for more developers spotlight. If you are using Flash to make your 1GAM games, drop me a message on Twitter and I will review your game.

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