I want to report my progress about 1GAM. Since we are in May the 1GAM journey has reached the 1/3 mark. First of all I want to say I never thought I could make four games in four months. Huge kudos to McFunnkypants for inspiring us all! It’s been an outstanding ride so far :)

Back in January I was on vacation so there was plenty of time to make games and write devlogs. Since then my free time is running a bit short, so I skipped all devlogs/posts and focused on making the games. Below is a list of my games so far, with some comments.

January: Blacksmith Dash

Blacksmith Dash

I had plenty of time to write about the game while making it during January, so you can check the devlogs here. Blacksmith Dash is one of my favorite games so far and I’m  planning to work on it in the future.

Following McFunnkypants wisdom advice I’ve cut several features to make the game fit into the one month deadline. I will implement all those missing features and release an offline PC version of the game. I will work on a Windows 8 version too.

February: Squared Puzzle

squaredpuzzle_features_1024_500After my January success I was very motivated and ready to create a AAA game (ha!), but life knocked my door and I was swamped by work (not the game related sort of work).

February is like a boss for 1GAM, because it has only 28 days (2 days make a hell of a difference when you work with one game a month). When the end of the month approached, I had no game, so I executed my plan B: mini puzzle game. Using a few days (including part of the grace period), I came up with a jigsaw game. Not what I was expecting, but it did the trick.

March: Spell Cracking


My work load was manageable by the time so I decided to work on a platform game for March (see MAC, my April’s entry). Things went really well until the middle of the month, when my free time became sparse again.

Once more I would not be able to finish the game, so I executed plan B again: another mini puzzle game. During the last week of March and a few days of the grace period, I’ve made Spell Cracking. Even though I had no time to polish it, I was able to add some effects and nice SFX. The game end up being better than I expected.

April: MAC madly angry cat


When April started I decided to resume working on my platform game. Flixel is really great to create platform games, so I could progress with a strong pace. By the end of the month, I had a game with collectible items, three different enemies, ammo and lives.

I’ve spent a few days looking for SFX and music. By the end of the month, MAC was playable and ready to be published. This is the very first freely available Flash online game I’ve made as an indie gamedev, so I’m really proud of the result!

I will definitely work on MAC again in the future. I have so many plans for this game I will need a lot of time to make them all come true, but it’s worth it. I want to create a Contra III “remake”, with lots of levels, weapons and enemies. It will probably be converted into an offline PC game too (I heard Steam’s Greenlight needs another zombie game).

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