Adobe announced today the availability of Premium Features, a premium tier of capabilities that will enable the next generation of online and mobile gaming. This premium features tier will allow developers to publish graphically sophisticated, next-generation games by taking advantage of two features in combination:

  • Stage3D hardware acceleration (Stage3D.request3DContext)
  • Domain memory (ApplicationDomain.domainMemory)

Stage3D acceleration is an already known feature and the new “toy” of several developers out there . The domain memory, however,  helps advanced compilers such as the upcoming new Adobe “Alchemy” compiler enable high-performance, sandboxed execution of cross-compiled C/C++ code in Flash Player. Using that you can blur the barrier between C/C++ and AS3 code, so you can create games using AS3 and existing C/C++ libs or easily port an already existing C/C++ game/engine into the Flash Player (such as Unreal Engine).

Adobe Premium Features will use the following business model:

Adobe Premium Features

It means if you use Stage3D alone or Domain Memory alone, there is nothing to pay. If you use both features together you must pay a 9% revenue share on per application net revenues above $50K. Also there is no revenue share required for use of these features within Flash content packaged as apps using AIR.

Start your engines, developers, the time for breath-taking graphics and heavy weaponry has come to Flash!

Via FlashDaily. See the official announcement here.

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