I am very pleased to say As3GameGears just turned two years old! The very first thing I want to write is thank you very much, Flash community! You are great and the support I receive from every single comment, tweet, email and mention keeps me going every day :).

Before I share my plans for the future, I want to show some number I have so far. Below is the monthly visitors count since I started the site, back in April, 2010, until now:

As3GameGears - Visitors Overview from 2010 to 2012

I am really happy about the site evolution. Flash is a great technology and the numbers show people are using it, specially for game development.

After those two years, As3GameGears has 243 tools, filed under 20 categories, licensed under 21 licenses, all that available at api.as3gamegears.com. You can explore all that information to find a tool to use native features from a specific platforms, such as iOS, or you can take a look at monetization solutions. Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered!

For the future, I will continue to catalog Flash tools out there and keep working on making such information available easily. For instance I am working on As3GameGears tooltip, a JS plugin that allows anyone to use our data just by hovering a link, e.g.: Flixel and Foxhole.

One more time, thank you all!

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