Tweensy is an extremely efficient Actionscript 3 property tweener. Contained within Tweensy is an expansion package called Tweensy FX which allows for motion effects to be applied onto DisplayObjects.

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AS3XSL is a library to read and write Excel files. It supports reading text, numbers, formulas, and dates from Excel version 2.x-2003 and writing text, numbers, and dates. Formulas also update to reflect changes in cells they reference.

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TextAnim is a class for dynamic text animation, it’s events based and tween engine independent. The library has no ready-made animation, the idea is only break apart the TextField (split TextField) and dispatch blocks sequence, to be free to make the animation you want.

You can create animations based on letters, wordss or sentenses. You can also specify which elements should be the first to be animated, e.g.  last letter first.

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MultiLoader can load in images, text, XML, sounds and videos in a consistent way, and allows you to manage the loading in a number of ways.  It has pretty extensive functionality – including, among other things:

  • Simple to use
  • Allows prioritising of items
  • Force immediate load of an item
  • Connection pooling
  • Many debugging and error handling options
  • A debugging profiler
  • Queue management
  • Methods for extracting assets from the Flash library

It’s based on BulkLoader so it shares most of  its features, however there are some big improvements. Some of them: the profiler (gives you a running graphical display of what’s going on) and the report (gives you a pretty print summary trace of what’s going on at that point, ie details of all the loaded items, all the pending items, all the failed items and so on).

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Firebase is a multiplayer game server. It’s fast, efficient and ready for rapid development. Firebase is open source and developed from scratch by Cubeia Ltd for developers world-wide.

Some of the features:

  • Client APIs in Java, Flex, C++ (soon) and C# (soon);
  • Comes with tournament support. It’s game agnostic, meaning that you can write a type of tournament once and then apply to all your games;
  • Supports your usual list of enterprise abbreviations: JTA, JPA, IoC, JDBC, JMX, SSL etc. It has transparent thread safety, managed transactions, transparent network delivery as well as simple deployment of artifacts;
  • Supports dependency injection via Guice. Spring support is on the to-do list;
  • Write games in several scripting languages. The Firebase script support is based on Java JSR 223 and support Ruby, Groovy Python, JavaScript and many more;
  • Supports Maven;
  • Built-in support for lobby data. Changes are pushed to the clients and clients can subscribe to changes from a subset of the lobby only, thus minimizing bandwidth requirements.
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Gamepad simulates an analog joystick input using the keyboard. Many times when we access key presses, what we are really doing is pretending that WASD, the arrow keys or some other combination are actually a D-pad or joystick with an X and Y axis, and 1 or 2 fire buttons. Gamepad handles the event capture, maths and other details of this for you, so you only have to think about how you want your game to respond to this input.

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As3motion is a motion detection tool to help developers to create application using augmented reality in a easy and simple way.



Apparat is a framework to optimize ABC, SWC and SWF files. Apparat features include:

  • Compression
    • 7-Zip DEFLATE compression
    • LZMA compression
    • ABC merging
    • Constant pool sorting
    • DefineBitsLossless2 to DefineBitsJPEG3/4 conversion
    • Bytecode merging
    • Bytecode replacements
    • Flowgraph optimizations
    • Sliding-window optimizations
  • Code analysis
    • UML diagram generation
    • Bytecode flowgraph generation
    • Static check for [Abstract] methods
    • Detailed ABC information
    • Code coverage instrumentation
    • Typesafe trace() removal keeping side-effects
    • ASMify existing code
  • Optimization
    • Generic peephole optimizations
    • InlineExpansion
    • MacroExpansion
    • InlineAssembler
    • Access to Alchemy’s fast memory operations
    • Special transformations for Alchemy-generated code
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As3xls is a package to read and write Excel files. So far it supports reading text, numbers, formulas, and dates from Excel version 2.x-2003 and writing text, numbers, and dates. Formulas also update to reflect changes in cells they reference.

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Olog is a windowed, light weight logging utility for Flash based web and desktop applications. It’s a well featured logging utility that will make you stop using that trace statement. It’s free and also it’s really simple to use.

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Doomsday Console

DConsole is a combined logger/command-line interface for Flash 10 ActionScript 3 developers. It works as an easily-implemented layer that sits on top of your application, using introspection techniques and specifically exposed methods to grant you run-time access to your ActionScript, as well as a flexible trace message output window.

It also comes with a minor suite of graphical developer tools for simplifying common Flash developer grievances, such as making run-time visual adjustments to the application frontend before committing them to code.

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LZMAEncoder is an AS3 class to compress data using LZMA algorithm.

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FluidSolver is a class for solving real-time fluid dynamics simulations based on Navier-Stokes equations and code from Jos Stam’s paper “Real-Time Fluid Dynamics for Games”

Original implementation in C++ done by Memo Akten

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ASSURF is based on SURF(Speeded Up Robust Features) which is a robust image descriptor, first presented by Herbert Bay et al. in 2006, that can be used in computer vision tasks like object recognition or 3D reconstruction. SURF is based on sums of 2D Haar wavelet responses and makes an efficient use of integral images. As basic image features it uses a Haar wavelet approximation of the determinant of Hessian blob detector.

ASSURF is based on OpenCV and OpenSURF implementations of SURF mostly.

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New categories!

August has been a way too busy month! I had so many tasks at work that I almost had no time to go after new tools. Things are not less busy now, but at least I had time to put some pieces together.

I am pleased to announce two new categories: Computer Vision and Input. The first one is related to tools able to analyze images and extract meaningful information from them. The second one is related to tools that can handle any type of user input, such as the one produced by a keyboard.

Those new categories will be available soon. If you know any lib or tool that fits this new content, drop me a note as usual.

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