Lowr is a low-level reworking on Actionscript 3.0. It does not use any features of Flex framework.

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Palmer offers powerful event system, logging API working with many consoles, sound and video packages, polymorphic loaders, collections java-like, abstract data services handling, strong architectural templates system and a new IoC engine built-in… and many more!

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Robotlegs is a pure AS3 micro-architecture (framework) with a light footprint and limited scope. Simply put, Robotlegs is there to help you wire your objects together. It provides the glue that your application needs to easily function in a decoupled way.

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FLOD allows you to play Amiga Soundtracker music in your AS3 / Flash Player 10 games and demos. It has full support for:

  • 15/31 instruments
  • All effects up to ProTracker 2.3 including Inverse Loop
  • A500 and A1200 filters
  • Play / Pause / Resume controls

Flod adds less than 10kb to your SWF file size and uses very little CPU for replay.

Commercial Free
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AS3DS (AS3 Data Structures For Game Developers) is a package containing common data structures useful for flash game programming and application development. It has several useful data structures such as queue, stack, tree, binary tree and much more.

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Partigen 2

Partigen 2 is a brand new component  that lets you create complex particle effects in just a click. It creates realistic effects such as fire, smoke, explosions, sparkles, water, and many more. Each particle is made within Flash at runtime with zero render time.

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Orion is an all around simple and flexible particle generator. It was created in order to provide an easy method of creating and controlling particle effects. Orion is very fast and can handle thousands of particles and still keep frame rates high. It’s also very small weighing in at around 5.5kb.

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The pulse-particle system allows Flash developers to quickly and easily set up a wide range of particle effects. There are two ways of using the system, through an object orientated API that gives full control over the system, or through a simplified object syntax.

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ND3D is a simple to use AS3 3D Engine. Aimed for speed and simplicity. Target use are small 3D effects and rapid 3D testing / prototyping. The compiled size of the engine is about 10k.


  • Interactive/clickable meshes
  • Wireframe rendering
  • Bitmap textures
  • Basic dynamic lighting
  • Additive blending for materials
  • Distance blur for meshes
  • 3D sprites
  • 3DS, ASE and MD2 mesh loader
  • Animated MD2 Meshes
  • Pixel & Linerenderer
  • Custom renderer
  • Apply flashfilters to meshes
  • Built in primitives (plane, cube, sphere, box, line3d, sprite3d)
  • Vertexcleaner, Normalsflipper
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As3 Crypto

As3 Crypto is a cryptography library written in Actionscript 3 that provides several common algorithms. This version also introduces a TLS engine (TLS is commonly known as SSL.)

  • Protocols: TLS 1.0 support (partial)
  • Certificates: X.509 Certificate parsing and validation, built-in Root CAs.
  • Public Key Encryption: RSA (encrypt/decrypt, sign/verify)
  • Secret Key Encryption: AES, DES, 3DES, BlowFish, XTEA, RC4
  • Confidentiality Modes: ECB, CBC, CFB, CFB8, OFB, CTR
  • Hashing Algorithms: MD2, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-224, SHA-256
  • Paddings available: PKCS#5, PKCS#1 type 1 and 2
  • Other Useful Stuff: HMAC, Random, TLS-PRF, some ASN-1/DER parsing
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Event Controller is an easier way to keep track of events in actionscript 3. Event Controller is a simple extension to your normal workflow that allows you to easily tag, group and remove any and all events. Some of the features:

  • stop worrying about events and memory leaks.
  • manage events without extra code and without changing your style of coding.
  • create cluster names to events for quicker monitoring and removal.
  • remove and add single events very similar to the original flash syntax.
  • remove all events of an object with one simple line of code.
  • remove all events of a cluster of objects with one simple line of code.
  • use the power of regexp to find and remove events.
  • log and output all events with Event Controller.

De MonsterDebugger

De MonsterDebugger is an open source debugger for Adobe Flash, Flex and AIR. De MonsterDebugger is made in Flex and AIR by design studio De Monsters.



Tweener is a class used to create tweenings and other transitions via ActionScript code for projects built on the Flash platform.

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Popforge (audio)

Popforge AS3 audio library allows you to create a valid flash.media.Sound object with your own samples. You can create synthesizers, effects and sample-players of any kind. The supplied AudioBufferclass allows you to create endless audio playback.

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SiON is a sound library featuring:
  • PSG, FM, WaveTable?, PCM and pyhisical modeling sound module emulations
  • MML (Music Macro Language) compiler and sequencer
  • Sound effectors.
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