I am very pleased to announce the new set of features available. As I highlighted before the site turned one year old and it needs some improvements in order to help even more the Flash community. Below is a screenshot of the new tool visualizer page and a description of all modifications.

New tool visualization page


SideinfoOne of the most annoying problems in a website serving tools is the lack of clean, quick and simple information. When I found a new tool, the first info I try to identify is its license. Sometimes when you have to fulfill an impossible schedule, every second counts and quickly find the tool license (and other information) can save the day. That’s why I created the Sideinfoâ„¢.

From now on, when you visualize any tool, all essential  information will be at the right of the page (see image). Such information include the tool license, website, Twitter profile, code repository and commit stats for the past 5 years. The latter is possible thanks to the amazing work of Ohloh. Thank you!

Code sample

As pointed out by Henrique Vilela, it is always useful to take a look at the code related to the tool been analyzed. The code can tell much more than words sometimes. For that reason I’ve added a code sample for some tools. Combining the Sideinfo and the code sample, a developer can decide to use a tool in a matter of seconds.


As3GameGears was born as a WordPress blog mainly because I wanted the site online very fast. As a consequence the site content was displayed as blog posts, what can confuse people sometimes. To avoid such problem I made a deblogification: polished some edges that made the site look like a blog. I added a search bar at the top, removed the “Posted on” texts through all the site and tweaked several UI elements. I hope it looks more like a portal now, not like a blog.

I will rollout all those changes in the next weeks, so don’t panic if your favorite tool does not have a Sideinfo yet. I hope you all enjoy!

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