If you were one of those game developers like me waiting so bad for concurrency in As3, you will be thrilled! I’ve just read this post on ByteArray.org containing a sneak peek of concurrency with Workers.

As far as can tell, As3 Workers will be extremelly powerful for game developers. You will be able to create as much workers as you want (stated you have available resources for that) and tell them to execute an external SWF concurrently. Workers can communicate using different methods, such as text messages (serialized info using AMF3), raw bytes (using ByteArrays which are just referenced, not serialized or copied) and shared memory (how cool is that, huh?!).

You can check more and detailed info at the blog post. I am loving this new gaming approach Adobe gave to Flash. According to Thibault Imbert, this is not the end and more sweet game features are coming.

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