DConsole is a box of utilities for interacting with Flash application at run time, primarily taking the form of an output textfield and an input textfield. The output field doubles as a trace window, and is the source of feedback. The input field is how the interaction is made. The developer types in commands, built-in or custom, which take place and show some effect.

It works by sitting on top of the application, crawling objects, their properties and children, and allowing changes in their variable values, call methods and so forth. It also allows the use of plugins, that can go from simple collections of utility commands, to custom level editors or whatever else needed.



function getUserByName(name:String):UserData{
    return foundUser;

// These commands can then be invoked from the commandline
// to execute their functionality and print their returned results.
>> getUser John User
<< [object UserData]
Debug. URL.