LogMeister is a simple logger wrapper which you can use for every loggers. You connect to loggers with a ‘connector’.

All 3rth party code of loggers is included in this package, so switching loggers is as easy as adding one line of code. Getting all loggers out of your project is as easy as removing all connectors. And LogMeister is packaged in one swc file which makes it easy to use.

Included loggers:

  • Firebug
  • Flash (regular traces)
  • Monster Debugger v2
  • Monster Debugger v3 (NEW!)
  • Server (to be open sourced)
  • Sosmax
  • Trazzle
  • Yalog


import logmeister.LogMeister;
import logmeister.connectors.*;

LogMeister.addLogger(new TrazzleConnector(stage, "Application Name"));
LogMeister.addLogger(new SosMaxConnector());
LogMeister.addLogger(new MonsterDebuggerConnector(stage));
LogMeister.addLogger(new MonsterDebuggerV2Connector(stage));
LogMeister.addLogger(new YalogConnector());
LogMeister.addLogger(new FlashConnector());
LogMeister.addLogger(new FirebugConnector());
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