Vizzy Flash Tracer shows debug trace of SWF files without adding any extra code. It works in Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Flash IDE, Adobe AIR and other places where trace statements exist. Vizzy is cross-platform and has all features that a developer requires for a comfortable and fast debugging.

Vizzy runs out-of-the-box and configures your environment for you to start debugging your flash applications immediately (automatic mm.cfg file creation, determining location, debug flash player detection, etc.)


  • Clear search hotkey Ctrl+E
  • JSON formatter
  • Line numbers panel
  • Source code popup on stack trace mouse right click
  • Source file opening on stack trace double click
  • FlashDevelop integratoin
  • Search keywords can be selected from drop down list
  • Daily update check changed to weekly
  • Search, Filter and Highlight All modes
  • Automatic environment configuration (mm.cfg creation, flashlog.txt detection, etc)
  • Always on Top
  • Word-wrapping
  • Cross-platform
  • Configurable Flash Player debug information
  • Windows native executable
  • Log snapshots
Debug . URL.