ND2D is a 2D sprite engine using the GPU hardware features of flash. The aim is to keep things simple and reintroduce familiar concepts: it has a displaylist and quite the same methods to modify sprites as you are used to.

Some of the features:

  • Flash-displaylist-like hierarchy for 2D elements
  • 2D sprites with spritesheets for animation, tinting, blendmodes, pivot points
  • Scenes
  • 2D camera
  • SpriteClouds for massive sprite rendering (batch drawing)
  • Powerful particlesystem that runs entirely on the GPU
  • Full mouseevent support for 2D sprites
  • Utils (Color mixing, random number generation, …)
  • Fast bitmap fonts
  • Distortable 2D grid for wave / ripple effects
  • Texturerenderer for displaylist elements


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