Red2D is a GPU accelerated 2D framework.  It was designed to make it easy to use Stage3D capabilities.  The framework has a complete set of features supporting cameras, filters, particles, texts and materials.


package basicAPIEx
    import red2D.Red_Scene;
    import red2D.display.Red_Sprite;
    import red2D.material.ColorMaterial;
    import red2D.text.Red_TextField;

    public class Test01_helloRed2D extends Red_Scene

        private var _testRedSprite:Red_Sprite;
        private var _testText:Red_TextField;

        public function Test01_helloRed2D($bgColor:int=0)

        public override function setDesign():void{

            _testRedSprite = new Red_Sprite(
                new ColorMaterial,


            _testText = new Red_TextField("Hello Red2DPlus",{size:30})
            _testText.x = stage.stageWidth/2
            _testText.y = _testRedSprite.y+100

        public override function update():void{
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