Tetragon is a game engine for the Adobe Flash and AIR platforms. While it is possible to use it for small projects, it’s main focus lies clearly on more extensive game projects that may use a large amount of assets. It can also be used for non-game projects like infographics and microsites etc.

Some of its features:

  • Comfortable build process to configure project via build.properties file and build both web versions (Flash) and desktop versions (AIR) all from the same code base.
  • Flexible resource management. Can load from loose files, resource packages (AIR) and embedded files. Resource index file is used as a ‘table of contents’.
  • Application ini file to configure the application/game externally.
  • Screens and displays view structure.
  • Debug console incl. logging, command-line interface (CLI) and app monitor that measures FPS, MS and memory.
  • Commands that can be used with the CLI or from anywhere else in the code.
  • Preloader structure (web-based Flash only).
  • Window bounds management. Stores window position and size (AIR only).
  • Integrated Update Manager (Air only).
  • Multi-locale support. Application text is defined as multi-language text resources.
  • Modular design. Organized in base package, game package etc.
  • Well-organized project structure.


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