ND3D is a simple to use AS3 3D Engine. Aimed for speed and simplicity. Target use are small 3D effects and rapid 3D testing / prototyping. The compiled size of the engine is about 10k.


  • Interactive/clickable meshes
  • Wireframe rendering
  • Bitmap textures
  • Basic dynamic lighting
  • Additive blending for materials
  • Distance blur for meshes
  • 3D sprites
  • 3DS, ASE and MD2 mesh loader
  • Animated MD2 Meshes
  • Pixel & Linerenderer
  • Custom renderer
  • Apply flashfilters to meshes
  • Built in primitives (plane, cube, sphere, box, line3d, sprite3d)
  • Vertexcleaner, Normalsflipper
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