Alternativa3D is a powerful engine that can be used to show 3D worlds, games, virtual tours or objects. Some of the features:

  • High performance
    GPU rendering. Allows the display of about 3 millions of polygons.
  • Lighting system
    Point, directional and spot light sources. Efficient hierarchical culling of unlit objects. Each object can be lighted by six light sources simultaneously.
  • Advanced materials
    Allows the use of fully dynamic lighting with normal map, specular map, glossy map, or more lightweight materials – with baked light.
  • Character drawing
    The powerful hierarchic animation blending system. Character models of any complexity without bone quantity limit.
  • Transparent objects
    Sorting and proper display of transparent objects.
  • 3D Sprites
    Point objects are always facing the camera.
  • Interactivity
    Uses mouse events similar to those used in Flash. The system takes into account hierarchy and options of containers. Optimized to work with high-poly models.
  • Optimized textures for the GPU
    The support of compressed texture format ATF (Adobe Texture Format) reduces the amount of video memory in use. It is especially important for mobile devices.
  • High capacity data format
    Special binary format reduces the amount of data required for sending over the network, and speeds up scene loading in the engine. You can export models to this format right form 3DS Max, using special plug-in.
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