Flixel is collection of AS3 files that helps organize, automate, and optimize Flash games. Some of the features:

  • Really fast renderer (5000+ sprites on modern PCs);
  • Tilemaps;
  • Particle systems;
  • Global sound system with volume hotkeys, looping, panning, etc;
  • Parallax scrolling (free/multi-directional);
  • Built-in 2D box-based game physics (not Box2D);
  • Fast text rendering;
  • Retro style zoomed rendering options (2x pixels, 3x pixels, etc);
  • Works great with non-pixel art too, with support for rotation, scaling;
  • Composite multiple sprites using blending modes to create sweet lighting effects;
  • Does not require the Flash IDE, works best with free tools like FlashDevelop;
  • Organizational classes like game states;
  • Simple buttons;
  • Utilities for looping music and playing sound FX;
  • Simple special effects like screen flashes and fades;
  • Save game data between sessions using a local shared object.
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