Lowke Assetloader is designed to allow you to easily bulk load assets from external files. In particular, it easily and conveniently supplies you with a single reference to your external asset. Clearing that reference generally will release the asset from memory. This tidies up the mess of event listeners and object references usually associated with the Flash Loader that makes bulk loading of external assets, and clearing of those assets, tedious.

AssetLoader simplifies the loading process, allowing you to load multiple types of files using one interface. AssetLoader will load the following file types: .xml, .swf, .aif, .mp3, .wav, .bmp, .png, .jpg, .html, .txt, .bin, and .zip. AssetLoader will also load a class or class definition out of a specific .swf file.


   public function BulkLoadingExample() {
        var ldr:AssetLoader = AssetLoader.instance;
        ldr.addEventListener(BatchCompleteEvent.BATCH_COMPLETE, ready);
        ldr.loadFile("config.xml", gotAsset);
        ldr.loadFile("myGraphic.jpg", gotAsset);
        ldr.loadFile("mySound.mp3", gotAsset);

    private function gotAsset(asset:*):void {
        trace("Asset arrived:" + asset);

    private function ready(evt:Event = null):void {
        AssetLoader.instance.removeEventListener(BatchCompleteEvent.BATCH_COMPLETE, ready);
        trace("Your assets have all loaded.");
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