AS3Dmod is a library of modifiers for 3d objects. A modifier is an function used to modify a 3d object. Currently AS3Dmod contains 7 modifiers:

  1. Bend – bends on object along an axis
  2. Noise – deforms an object in a random manner
  3. Skew – skews an object along one or more axes
  4. Taper -
  5. Bloat – Bloats the mesh by forcing vertices out of specified sphere
  6. Perlin – Generates a perlin noise bitmap and displaces vertices based on the color value of each pixel of the noise map
  7. Twist – twists the mesh around it’s center point

AS3Dmod also features an abstract layer and a simple plug-in architecture that allows the modifiers to work with most of the popular Flash 3d engines.

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