AS3SVGRenderer is a library to render SVG files.  It parses and translates svg elements to Flash display objects, rendering it and allowing the interaction with the output. The library supports basic shapes and paths, as well as texts, right-to-left scripts, subscript, superscript.

It also has three text rendering engines (TextField, TLF, FTE), supporting CFF and non-CFF fonts. The lib has coordinates system rules, transformations and units, allows the use of masking and clipping, filling, strokes, gradients and marker symbols. It also supports basic document structure (g, defs, symbol, use, image). It’s possible to use filters as ColorMatrix and GaussianBlur. The rendered display objects keep the svg structure, so the developer can code mouse/touch interactions with svg elements.


var svg:SVGDocument = new SVGDocument();  
// or
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