CrystalAtf is an optimized ATF and DDS converter based on the CrystalDXT library. It’s a command line tool that can be used to convert images from one type to another, quite useful for game development. The supported compression output formats are  DXT1, DXT5, RGB888 and RGBA8888, while the supported input formats are PSD (only in compatibility mode and with no transparency), PNG, BMP, JPG, JPE and JPEG.

The tool can also generate mipmaps and allows the processing of images in batch mode, combining different flags. It is extremely optimized, sometimes 24 times faster than known tools as png2atf.


// Converting wildcard (? - Any single character, * - 0 or more of any characters)
CrystalAtf.exe images / src /? Image *. *

// Specify the output file
CrystalAtf.exe somepicture.png -> atf/picture.atf

// Batch process
CrystalAtf.exe -dds-nomip picture1.jpeg-atf-rgb pictures / *. *-Mip-dxt1 pic999.psd
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