SWFToPNG is a tool to export Flash assets to PNG. It automatically renders out the symbols in a SWF to a series of PNG files, and optionally crops out the transparent bits around the edges as well as retaining the registration points of the items.

Some useful information:

  • This only works with AVM2 SWFs, so that’s Flash 9 player and higher with AS3
  • It will only understand MovieClips on the timeline (no buttons!) and they must be exported for ActionScript for the filenames to be correct (this is easy enough to do with a few clicks in the Flash IDE).
  • The program is memory-intensive. A bitmap is created for each frame of the SWF and held in memory until the files have been written (it was designed this way to facilitate cropping and quick development; it’s not intended as an export utility for your ten minute animations!)
  • Timeline code that causes clips to loop infinitely will also cause the rendering to loop infinitely.
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