Firebase is a multiplayer game server. It’s fast, efficient and ready for rapid development. Firebase is open source and developed from scratch by Cubeia Ltd for developers world-wide.

Some of the features:

  • Client APIs in Java, Flex, C++ (soon) and C# (soon);
  • Comes with tournament support. It’s game agnostic, meaning that you can write a type of tournament once and then apply to all your games;
  • Supports your usual list of enterprise abbreviations: JTA, JPA, IoC, JDBC, JMX, SSL etc. It has transparent thread safety, managed transactions, transparent network delivery as well as simple deployment of artifacts;
  • Supports dependency injection via Guice. Spring support is on the to-do list;
  • Write games in several scripting languages. The Firebase script support is based on Java JSR 223 and support Ruby, Groovy Python, JavaScript and many more;
  • Supports Maven;
  • Built-in support for lobby data. Changes are pushed to the clients and clients can subscribe to changes from a subset of the lobby only, thus minimizing bandwidth requirements.
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