TheoWorlds Builder SDK is a kit that will help you develop online virtual worlds much faster, without starting from scratch. At its core it contains the original Theo Isometric Engineâ„¢ that lets you create pseudo-3D maps, place on them objects and characters, and organize the interaction between them.

Some of the features:

  • 8-direction moving avatars
  • avatars customization
  • custom avatar actions (dancing and sitting are included)
  • fast path-finding algorithm
  • works with SmartFox Server or ElectroServer
  • tile-triggered character animations
  • complex collision detection with lag compensation
  • terrain elevation
  • larger-than-screen maps with auto-scrolling
  • objects layering and stacking
  • chat history
  • private messages
  • ban/kick moderator functions
  • emoticons (smiles)


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