QuickB2 is a complete abstraction of Box2D, providing grouped hierarchies, extensible classes, and event-driven callbacks. The high-level interface enables developers to create physics simulations that are impractical to write using Box2D’s API alone.

Some features:

  • Soft-bodies.
  • Top-down car physics.
  • Friction in z-direction (top-down friction).
  • Event-driven through revent.
  • Retain mode that doesn’t require destroying/remaking objects.
  • Extensible architecture.
  • Nested hierarchy system similar to Flash’s display hierarchies.
  • Cloneable objects.
  • Highly customizable immediate-mode rendering for both debug and production purposes.
  • Hooks for integration with any typical retain-mode-type rendering engine (e.g. the Flash display list).
  • Various debugging tools including visualizations, mouse dragging, warnings, notifications, asserts, exceptions, and runtime GUIs.
  • Pixel-based units.
  • AABB and circular bounding representations.
  • Easy low-level access to Box2D API in case of emergency.
  • Large suite of “stock” functions and classes to address common needs.
  • Individual polygons may be concave and have any number of vertices.
  • All kinds of joints, including built-in spring joints.
  • Physics world is completely changeable within contact callbacks.
  • WYSIWYG editing environment for Flash CS5.
  • Built-in system for handling your game loop and time steps.
  • Easy API for beginners – lower-level optimizations and tricks available for advanced users.
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