AS3_Serializer is a class that serializes complex typed objects. The serialized object is format-agnostic meaning you can manipulate it without complex XML trees. There is a set of built-in compression options available to reduce the amount of data of a serialized object.

The compression mechanism is not required, so you are free to keep the raw serialized data. Additionally after deserialization the object does not lose its type, so Dictionary and Vector continue to work.


t =  new Truck();

//if you want extremely compression:
var srlzblObj1:Object    = SrlzrController.convertToSerializableObject(t);

// converting to Json
var json1go:String    = JSON.encode(srlzblObj1);

//the way1String is the object serializaded, you can send to the database =)
var way1String:String = SrlzrController.compress(json1go);

//going back  the JSON
var jsonWay1Back:String =  SrlzrController.decompress(way1String);

//recreating the serializable Object
var objWay1Back:Object = JSON.decode(jsonWay1Back);

//recreating the Truck
var truckWay1:Truck = SrlzrController.convertToOriginalObject(objWay1Back);
Serialization. URL.