FleXMLer is an XML serialization / deserialization utility. By default it uses reflection for out-of-the-box serialization, but it’s possible to tweek the default serialization by using annotations. For example, developer can indicate that a certain field should not be serialized, should be serialized using a specific element name, or should be serialized as an XML attribute.

The lib also allows the specification of serialization information programmatically at runtime instead of using reflection and annotations. Among those options are name aliasing, default values, skipping and more. The basic serialization supports all primitive types, and has special treatment for arrays, generic object hash tables and nested objects.


// serialize object to XML
var xml:XML = new FleXMLer().serialize(obj);

// deserialize XML to Object
var obj:MyType = new FleXMLer().deserialize(xmlobject[, MyType]);
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