StandingWave is an AS3 code library designed for high level control of the Flash layer’s SampleDataEvent API for streaming audio output. All of its core sample storage and manipulation routines were written with Adobe Alchemy to make them oodles more efficient. StandingWave requires Flash Player 10. It cannot be built or used with Flash Player 9 or earlier.

The goal of StandingWave is to encapsulate the following kinds of objects, permitting them to be easily chained together and combined to produce complex, dynamic audio output:

– audio sources (MP3 or WAV files, algorithmic sound generators…)
– audio filters (echo, envelope shaping, equalization…)
– timed sequences of audio sources, which may be hierarchically composed

There are no fundamental musical concepts embodied in StandingWave, but it may be straightforwardly extended with such, for instance by reading MIDI files or by writing utility classes to manage tones, scales, instruments, and so forth.

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