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TheoWorlds Builder SDK

Kit that will help you develop online virtual worlds much faster, without starting from scratch. At its core it contains the original Theo…

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Sean Cooper Isometric Engine

Isometric game engine which is based on some techniques used in the PC game Syndicate (1993).  The technique used to create the engine is…

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Physics editor for AS3 games. It takes care of convex/concave polygons and polygon orientation. Simply drag your shapes inside the editor and press the auto trace…

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Flash SWC component that enables you to publish interactive 3D content online.  Some of the 3D engine features: File 3D importation: Collada and…

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GestureWorks provides everything ActionScript developers need to author powerful multitouch applications quickly and easily. With over 200 built-in gestures, free plug and play components, and a growing list…

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Loading system that can handle swf, mp3, css, video, image, text, binary, and xml files. These are a few of the noteworthy features: Integrated subloaders…

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Super-lightweight (1.6k in AS3 and 2k in AS2) version of TweenLite and is ideal for situations where you cannot afford the extra 3.1k (4.7k total) that the…

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TweenMax extends the extremely lightweight, fast TweenLite engine, adding many useful features like timeScale, AS3 event dispatching, updateTo(), yoyo, repeat, repeatDelay, rounding, and more. It also activates many extra…

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Extremely fast, lightweight, and flexible tweening engine that serves as the foundation of the GreenSock Tweening Platform. Some of its features: Speed: highly optimized for…

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Player.IO makes it easy and fun to build scalable web games by providing easy to use services for game developers: BigDB Hosted Multiplayer Service Error Logging QuickConnect Player.IO…

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Editor built from the ground-up to support the needs of ActionScript developers, built…

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FLOD allows you to play Amiga Soundtracker music in your AS3 / Flash Player 10 games and demos. It has full support for: 15/31 instruments All effects up…

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Partigen 2

Brand new component  that lets you create complex particle effects in just a click. It creates realistic effects such as fire, smoke, explosions, sparkles,…

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Mesmotronic Multiuser Server

Mesmotronic Multiuser Server is the real-time server solution, enabling you to create multiuser applications and multiplayer games using AS3.

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Powerful socket-server that facilitates multiplayer game development. Leveraging the latest in high-quality open source frameworks, ES achieves unprecedented performance and scalability. ES has been load-tested to…

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